Human Rights Review Symposium Series:
Women's Marriage Rights in Pakistan

The Human Rights Review Symposium Series is an initiative that aims to promote discussion, challenge thinking and promote discourse on human rights in Pakistan. To launch the HRR Symposium Series, the Centre for Human Rights and Universal College Lahore are hosting the 1st International Symposium on Women’s Marriage Rights in Pakistan on 9th and 10th November 2022. The event will act as a catalyst to bring together a variety of stakeholders to participate in meaningful exchange on realities surrounding marriage rights, challenges and barriers, and the way forward for women in Pakistan.

Main Themes

Genesis and Contemporary Practice of Nikahnama

Consent in Marriage

Dissolution of Marriage

Marriage rights for minority women in Pakistan

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Get creative, join the competition and share your vision of women’s marriage rights in Pakistan with a select audience of government representatives, celebrities, academics, artists, students and many others! Our Parwaaz competition has three categories so you can participate and explore your creativity at the same time! Submissions close on 21st October 2022!