A new area of focus for the Centre, the Artificial Intelligence & Human Rights theme has been largely pioneered by our Fellow from 2020-21.

The CFHR inaugurated this research division with the creation of the Institute for Responsible Artificial Intelligence & Human Rights. The Institute aims to pioneer the legal and policy ecosystem for artificial intelligence in Pakistan to ensure a sustainable and human rights compliant future.

In the last few years, the rapid advancement of technology and the digital landscape has been noted across the globe, including in Pakistan. At the national level, there are more opportunities for economic growth, citizen-centric governance and reform of the criminal justice system imbued in modern technology, such as AI, IoT and Robotics.

The overwhelming increase in the use of and reliance on technology has given rise to more questions concerning inequalities, surveillance, privacy, accountability, intellectual property, anonymity of the cyberspace, democracy and the rule of law, among others.

With AI making its way into the Pakistani life, the opportunities it brings are paralleled by risks that must be mitigated to ensure that we are able to benefit and grow from the new technologies. The Institute is set up to provide a platform for development of legal and policy frameworks to support the AI revolution in Pakistan. The Institute aims to advocate for responsible development and use of AI in Pakistan, in line with international best practices and human rights.

In addition to this, the Institute will assist in regulation and monitoring of AI creation, use and deployment in Pakistan. The Institute will provide support to a variety of stakeholders including the government, private companies, startups, educational institutes and criminal justice stakeholders.

Legal & Policy Framework On AI

Support drafting & advocacy for legal and policy framework on AI in Pakistan.

Rights-Based Approach To AI

Promote the adoption of a rights-based approach for AI in Pakistan to support transparency and fairness.

Information-Sharing On AI

Promote information-sharing at all levels to ensure adequate understanding and knowledge of AI is present.

Monitoring & Evaluation Of AI

Promote M&E of AI creation and use in Pakistan to increase citizen trust and help support a tech-friendly future.