Bystander Action Campaign

In our everyday lives we sometimes end up becoming bystanders of harassment, sexism, disrespectful behaviour and even violence towards women. In such situations, we often do not know how to react and also question whether it is even appropriate for us to intervene in a situation that we are not directly involved in. Through our Bystander Campaign, we created awareness about how we can play a role in ending harassment and violence against women in everyday situations by being Active Bystanders. This social media campaign was geared towards raising a call-out culture towards perpetrators of street harassment and promoting a culture of trust, safety, respect, and well-being in our public spaces.

Myth vs. Reality

Continuing our trend of myth busting from 2019, we took forward our Myth vs. Reality campaign to debunk common myths surrounding gender-based violence, discrimination and harassment of women in Pakistan. By exposing our social media community to a female-centric view of society, the Centre’s goal was to enable our communities to unlearn patriarchal notions of women’s role, and help them connect the dots on how patriarchal structures negatively impact women, leading to their exclusion from society.

HeForShe 2020

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