The Human Rights Review is a single-blind peer-review journal published by the Centre for Human Rights, Pakistan. The journal started as an annual publication of the Centre in 2012 in collaboration with the American Bar Association and has since then published six volumes both online and in hard copy. The journal aims to promote legal debate and create an environment that facilitates dialogue on human rights issues and criminal justice reform in Pakistan. It stands as a platform for students, lawyers, judges, and practitioners of the legal fraternity to share insight into the contemporary legal situations of Pakistan with their insightful and thought-provoking contributions.
    1. The manuscripts are initially reviewed by our editorial team where the article’s quality, clarity, relevance, use of literature, and evidence are checked. The submission will also be checked for plagiarism via software, the threshold standing as 19%. The editorial team reserves a right to return the article to the author for modifications and resubmissions or reject the article completely.
    2. Once the article is approved by the editor, it is then forwarded for a single-blind peer review to our national and international reviewing bodies. These reviewers have expert knowledge of the subject area of the manuscript.
    3. Reviewers must assess the submitted papers and offer insightful criticism to help the author(s) enhance the manuscript’s quality. Additionally, reviewers give the manuscript points for originality, field contribution, technical excellence, presentation clarity, and research depth.
    4. The reviewers will provide the editor with their reports on the manuscripts and a recommendation for one of the following actions:
      1. publish as it is
      2. publish after minor corrections
      3. publish after major corrections
      4. reject