Global Climate Justice

This report was prepared for the Commission on Human Rights of the Philippines by the Centre for Human Rights. It was written primarily to assist the Commission in their formulation of a broader curriculum and framework on climate change, a part of which demonstrates the different legal trends, patterns and movements that have been successful in climate change litigation. The report focuses on landmark climate change cases from 31 countries, and provides an analysis of the varied judicial activism across the globe vis-a-vis climate change litigation. The report also reflects on the role of climate science as legal evidence which has caused a positive shift in judicial attitudes, and also analyses the jurisprudence which is developing across the globe to deal with climate change.

Principal Researcher:

Uzma Nazir Chaudhry

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A Mapping of the Air Quality in Punjab, Pakistan

This is an ongoing research project of the Centre for Human Rights. The research is an inquiry into the legal and policy history of combating poor air quality in Punjab. This project aims to identify the lacunae in past and existing legal and policy frameworks on air pollution in the province of Punjab and seeks to identify the hurdles that have prevented the successful implementation of the policies thus far. Along with making strategic recommendations for overcoming these hurdles, the goal is also to offer suitable and successful evidence-based interventions through comparative research on countries with a similar socio-economic landscape as Pakistan.

Research Assistant:
Namra Gilani

Principal Researchers:
Fatima Mehmood, Rehan Safdar, Uzma Nazir Chaudhry