Parwaaz; an urdu word for ‘rising’ or ‘for a bird taking its first flight’ is more nuanced in terms of its meaning than it seems. It is important to have some understanding regarding the title of our marriage rights competition, as the name itself highlights how a woman can be ready to take her first flight and leave the nest i.e, the shackles of the society & can only rise once she learns about her legal rights.  A woman can be only fully liberated once she is aware of her legal rights in the Nikkahnama, a topic that is often kept under wraps from women as it’s a common norm in Pakistan to not include women in the document that affects women the most.  Hence, a woman will be ready to take “parwaaz” i.e, will be ready to rise and fly once she’s fully liberated after gaining legal knowledge about her rights.  

‘Get creative, join the competition and share your creation with others!’

  • Eligibility criteria:
    • The competition is open to students and youth from across Pakistan. 
  • Competition deadline:
    • All competition submissions must be received via email by 5:00pm (Pakistan Time) on Friday, 21st October 2022. All categories have the same deadline. 
  • Winners, prizes and more:
    • The winners and select participants will be given an opportunity to share their creation at the in-person international marriage rights symposium event in November 2022 in addition to a surprise prize. 
  • Competition categories:
    • We have two categories in which you can submit different materials to enter into the competition! 
      • These categories are:

Digital Art

We want to see your interpretation of women’s marriage rights, be it through poster making, illustrations, pop-art or any other means. Under this category we call all artists, designers, illustrators to submit a digital art piece that embodies women’s marriage rights in Pakistan. 

Submission Guidelines: 

    • The prompts in digital art include posters; pop art, original character creation, philosophical/social commentary illustrations with desi/south-asian representation. 
    • All the submissions should be submitted at in PNG/JPG form with subject line ‘Submission – Parwaaz Competition’. 
    • All submissions should include your full name and category of participation. 
    • The participants should send in a time-lapse / behind the scenes recordings of their drawing process along with their submission to ensure that no plagiarism is committed. 
    • All submissions must be originally drawn by the participants. If plagiarism is found, your submission will automatically be disqualified.

Prose & Poetry

Our second category in the advent of Parwaaz is, Prose & Poetry Competition. We’re looking to read the stories and poems you have to share. Find your inner voice and write a fiction or nonfiction short story or pen down a poem that speaks for itself. Share your interpretation of women’s marriage rights and related knowledge. 

Submission Guidelines: 

    • Your submission will only be accepted if it follows the theme. The submissions are to be only made in Urdu & English language.   
    • The work submitted should be original and will be automatically disqualified in case of plagiarism. 
    • Participants should email their submissions to with subject line ‘Submission – Parwaaz Competition’. 
    • All submissions should include your full name and should be submitted as PDF files or mp3/mp4 (if audio/video recordings).