The Centre for Human Rights is closely linked to the University College Association for Mooters; a society established in 2013 to promote moot courts at the law school of Universal College Lahore.

The first moot court competition at University College Lahore took place in 2013, under the American Bar Association – Rule of Law Initiative’s project, Strengthening the Rule of Law: Promoting Due Process and Fair Trial Standards in Pakistan’s Anti-Terrorism Courts. The moot court culture in Pakistan developed in the coming years and UCAM has played a pivotal role in this, having hosted six nationwide competitions, one international competition, one arbitration competition and the first Pakistan national rounds for Philip C. Jessup Moot Court Competition in 2020.

2020 Philip C. Jessup International Moot Court Competition – Pakistan National Rounds

University College Lahore in collaboration with the US Embassy Islamabad hosted the Pakistan National Rounds of the 2020 Philip C. Jessup International Moot Court Competition. The National Rounds took place in Lahore, Pakistan and a total of 32 teams confirmed participation prior to the event. However, due to exam schedules and financial problems only 22 teams were able to compete in the oral rounds.

University College Association of Mooters

The University College Association of Mooter’s is a student-run cabinet with supervision from various faculty members at the law school of Universal College Lahore, and mentorship from the members of the Centre for Human Rights. Founded in 2013, UCAM has established itself as one of the most prestigious mooting societies in Pakistan.

UCAM was founded with a desire to uplift the stagnant mooting circuit and create awareness of the significance of moot court competitions to law students in Pakistan. UCAM has hosted five annual national law moot competitions since 2013. Our national moot court competitions generally have an average of 16 teams from all over Pakistan with about 100 law students participating. Our focus is on outreach and has included teams from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan, interior Sindh, to name a few. In addition to this, UCAM hosted the first international level competition in 2018 with teams participating from the following countries: India, Nepal, Bangladesh, China, Sri Lanka, America, Prague, and Hong Kong. Moreover, in March 2020 UCAM hosted the Pakistan National Rounds of the Jessup Moot Court Competition in collaboration with the Department of Justice & the American Embassy in Islamabad.
Our members have represented Pakistan in some of the most prestigious mooting competitions across the world, such as the Carey Law Moot held at Anglo-American University Prague and Philip C. Jessup International Rounds and the Henry Dunant International Humanitarian Law Moot Court (South Asian rounds) as well as Jean-Pictet.
UCAM prides itself with non-discrimination and equal opportunity for all individuals who wish to join. UCAM is open to all students and participation in international competitions is determined by mock trials prior to the competition. UCAM urges first-years who are passionate about research and advocacy to sign up through the law school and join our family.