The Human Rights Review aims to publish articles of the highest integrity and editorial standard. We welcome critical and thought-provoking submissions that help demonstrate deep research and knowledge presented in a professional way that promotes a constructive discussion of the issue at

Some of the qualities we look for in our submissions are:

Academic relevance:

The article must exhibit outstanding research with every argument supported by credible sources and must identify distinct aspects of the topic selected.


The submission must be sole of the author and should not be a duplication of existing literature. The journal encourages unconventional and novel approaches, as long as presented respectfully.


The article must convince the reader by critically evaluating a range of literature and advanced scholarship and must be cited according to the submission guidelines.


The article should not only help readers stay up-to-date on the latest legal developments, but also influence how they and pertinent organisations operate hence clear implications for practice, research, or policy must be specified.

Structured arguments:

We encourage writers to present articles that are objective, well-structured, and lucidly presented in format.

Editors Rights:

The Journal is run by a dedicated team of editors and researchers consisting of both students and

    1. The editor reserves the right to dismiss applications.
    2. The editor reserves the right to edit contributions where necessary.
    3. The editor reserves the right to return articles unpublished if they do not meet the standards regarding the substance of the technical requirements mentioned above.
    4. The editor reserves the right to hold publication of an article for a later volume of the journal (this will be communicated to the author and the author will have the right to withdraw the paper if they wish).
    5. The editor reserves the right to return articles unpublished if the preliminary feedback given on the abstract by the editorial team is not properly addressed by the author in the submission of the final article.

Review Process:

We consider each submission we receive through an extensive review process, including for the first time and international peer-reviewing. Each submission is reviewed thoroughly by our team; this includes a plagiarism check, reviewing citations, and editing. Each submission is edited and checked by more than one member of the editorial team. We do not communicate with the author during the review process. If a submission does not pass the review, our team will reach out to the author as soon as possible.