Through one of our climate change related projects, the Centre discovered that Pakistani cases on climate change were quite inaccessible for people residing outside of Pakistan, and digital databases for global climate change cases had only a few Pakistani cases.

Pakistan is a country with impressive judicial activism towards climate change litigation, and even recognises environmental rights as part of the fundamental freedoms enshrined in the Constitution of Pakistan 197. In fact, most developments in environmental policy of Pakistan are a result of the activism of the Pakistani judiciary. We believe that jurisprudence developed in Pakistani cases can greatly assist other countries in finding the right balance of powers between various state institutions, especially now that climate justice is increasingly being demanded through courts across the world.

In order to make Pakistan’s climate jurisprudence more accessible for everyone around the world, the student interns at the Centre have contributed to the development of a digital database of Pakistani cases.

This is an ongoing project of the Centre for Human Rights. Please visit this page soon to access our database.

Student Researchers:

Zaineb Bilal, Maryam Khan, Aima Khalid

Principal Researcher:

Uzma Nazir Chaudhry